At FieldBox we enjoy what we do so much, it’s as simple as that. We use these products daily too and we just love to be part of the process.

What our clients say:

Working with Fieldbox is an absolute delight - their bespoke personal service makes all the difference, and the quality of their respondents is consistently high. Naomi and her team genuinely understand the complexities of consumer research - they are responsive, flexible, imaginative and thorough which gives one complete confidence at every stage of the process. A top quality team I would recommend unhesitatingly for any type of research.

As a global partner to many of the world’s leading brands, we undertake a multitude of research tasks in different locations both in the UK and overseas. I can honestly say that the team at FieldBox are amongst the best we have come across. They are incredibly helpful and flexible, always able to accommodate all our requirements. The additional network they have overseas also makes facilitation of research on a wider scale minimum hassle for us! I would heartily recommend Fieldbox to anyone aiming for a top class partner for their research needs.

FieldBox are a very nice, friendly, professional and patient team! They are very good with recruitment of high end respondents and luxury product use. We’ve been working together for years and we have always been very happy. Thank you Fieldbox!

We love working with FieldBox due to their creativity in both recruitment methodology and in helping us execute our long term studies and creative sessions. The respondents we require are most often lead users and therefore hard to recruit respondents, but FieldBox have delivered with their flexible AND CREATIVE approach.